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Our Ambition is Generational Growth.
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Building Equity for the Future.

Chumash Capital Investments, LLC, is a wholly owned investment entity of the Santa Ynez Band of Chumash Indians, serving as the economic development arm for the Chumash Tribe. Our focus is the acquisition of companies and other opportunities that complement the growth strategy for our tribe. CCI was formed to make direct investments to diversify income sources and build a portfolio of sophisticated investments for the benefit of future generations of Chumash people.

Santa Ynez Band of Chumash Indians.

Santa Ynez Band of Chumash Indians

The Chumash people once numbered in the tens of thousands and lived along the coasts of California. Through centuries of hardships and abuse, the tribe has overcome all odds in order to thrive on the land of our Chumash ancestors once more. Today, the Santa Ynez Band of Chumash Indians remains the only federally recognized Chumash tribe in the nation. The tribe is a self-governing sovereign nation and follows the laws set forth in its tribal constitution.

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The Pillars We Build Upon.

Equities Pillar


We hold a substantial portfolio of third-party management investments (equities, private equity, real estate, bonds) pursuant to an investment policy.

Specialty Funds Pillar

Regional Specialty Funds

We pursue fund opportunities with specialization in industry sectors that demonstrate increased returns and provide diversification.

Real Estate Pillar

Real Estate

Real estate endeavors include multifamily units, hotels, industrial, retail, and office, via direct and limited partnership investments.

Operations Pillar

Acquiring Operating Businesses

Our focus in this area is based on size, nature, and characteristics of business related to our investment criteria.

Investing with Confidence and Purpose.

CCI continues to build economic security for its tribal members and future generations by maintaining and expanding a portfolio of mature and growing enterprises. We are able to assist these businesses with our internal depth of support services capabilities including access to HR, IT, Cyber Security, Loss Prevention, Analytics and Creative Production and Branding.


The Hadsten is a charming, French-country-style inn, boasting a refined and romantic European aesthetic. This 71-room hotel is located in Solvang.


Corque Hotel is an AAA Four Diamond, luxury boutique hotel located in the major tourist destination of Solvang, featuring 122 rooms with distinctive decor and first-class hospitality.

Azimuth Technology Logo

Azimuth Technology, LLC specializes in precision contract manufacturing for various industries including defense, aerospace, oil/gas, and more.

Gas Station Logo

As part of our Chumash Casino Resort property, these retail gas stations provide convenient access to a high-volume of incoming and outgoing facility traffic.

Real Estate and Retail Logo

CCI holds multifunctional investments, limited partnerships, and various types of real estate and cash-generating businesses.

Valor Tactical

Valor Tactical is known for its ongoing relationship with the US military, developing a variety of weapon components and production assemblies.